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Tutorial COV-19: How can you make a face masks yourself?

There is a decent amount of face mask tutorials which explain how to create a protective mask to combat the Coronavirus. But you should be extremely careful: There are some rules to respect if you want to make a efficient protection mask. You can follow the guide below to understand how to make a great face mask. 

Type of protective mask

The surgical masks and the N-95 masks, also known as FFP2 masks, are still missing in a lot of countries, such as USA, Mexico, Canada and in Europe as  well, where France is lacking behind his economic partners. To increase the confusion, our leaders themselves are sometimes mixing things up. Joe Biden for example, on April 21, 2020, talked about the lack of N-96 masks when he was in fact clearly referring to N95 masks.

With this warning in mind, we have to understand that an artisanal protective mask such as the ones sold on will never be as good as a professional N95 mask. Nevertheless, should those hand made masks be discounted?  Of course no! Although the artisanal mask is not as protective as the real surgical mask, it still serve its purpose and will protect you against spill and postilions, which may be emitted when you shop in stores. The most efficient way to avoid the coronavirus is to shop mask online, but we understand that this is not always possible.

How can I make a protective mask myself?

First you should gather all necessary ingredients, such as tissue, rubber, textile and the fabric of your choice. Remember that although you will not see the mask when you wear it, other people will see it. It is therefore important to chose the fabric color of your mask appropriately. You should not chose a bright color for your facemask, because this will attract other shoppers to you, and they may be subconsciously tempted to spread their germs on you, the same way the bee is attracted by the pretty flower.

It still does not mean that you should be wearing an ugly mask neither, though, otherwise you will never get those discounts and other attention that you thrive when you go to the store.

The best color for face mask is lame green, according to the latest studies at prestigious Corndudjable university (Wallonia). Indeed this protective face mask color is neutral enough to not attract too many germs, but it is also bright enough to avoid automatic negative electronically charged electrons to avoid you.

In the next episode, we will go deeper into how to finalize the making of your face mask. The next episode is scheduled in exactly a week from now. Stay tuned.

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